Installing a Hidden Home Security Camera

827585_75890335There are many and varying reasons why homeowners choose to install home security camera systems. These reasons range from burglar deterrents to checking up on kids to keeping an eye on the plumber or the man fixing the air conditioning. Whatever the reason, there are a number of camera options available, and here we’ll do a basic overview of hidden cameras, their benefits, and the legalities attached to their use.

First of all, what is the purpose of your hidden camera? As stated above, there may be many different reasons for wanting a hidden camera, but your first step to getting the right one for you is to list out those reasons.

Nanny Cams and In-Home Monitoring

Nanny cams are particularly popular right now, and as much as we wish they were unnecessary, they are a great way to prevent abuse or neglect of your children while you’re away. They can give you peace of mind about your children and the trustworthiness of your nanny or babysitter. These kinds of cameras can also work double duty for keeping an eye on any professionals who come to do work in your home. For this kind of hidden camera, you can opt for any ordinary looking object that would fit in the areas of your home you want to keep an eye on. A concealed camera in the form of a book, picture frame, or clock would work perfectly in most living areas. You can even find hidden cameras in smoke detectors or other home security devices such as motion sensors.

Hidden outdoor cameras can also be incredibly useful to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your home. You can check who’s at the door without answering it, and you can catch any nighttime prowlers in the act of trespassing. They can be incredibly beneficial in the case of a home invasion or a break-in, as video evidence would give you an edge in catching the criminals and bringing them to justice. You can also place concealed outdoor cameras in areas where you know professionals may be doing work, whether gardening, fixing air conditioners, or doing roof work. These outdoor cameras can come in the form of floodlights or be easily concealed among potted plants or on windowsills.


View on the modern living-room 163199926While hidden cameras can be incredibly useful, it’s important that you educate yourself on the legalities of their use. Most states allow hidden cameras to be used on or off your own property, but there are often local restrictions involved. It’s always best to research your local area’s regulations about security camera usage, and what is and isn’t allowed. Typically, something like a nanny cam is perfectly acceptable, especially because it predominantly deals with the safety of your child. Most regulations come into effect when it comes to placing security cameras in private areas of the home, particularly bedrooms and bathrooms, as this can be seen as a violation of privacy.

Other regulations and restrictions come into play when you are recording both audio and video. Most states require that any recorded audible conversations can only be made with the consent of at least one of the parties involved. If you have audio recording in your hidden cameras, you may be legally required to inform those within its range that they are being recorded. However, in most states, video surveillance is perfectly legal without having to inform anyone that they are being watched, as long as the surveillance isn’t in private spaces.